Men's White Gold Wedding Bands

  • White Gold Men’s Wedding Bands from Shane Co.

    Shane Co. is the lead designer in exquisite jewelry and long-lasting ring designs. Our white gold wedding bands for men are no exception. Each simple, yet unique white gold ring is handcrafted, and serves as the perfect item to showcase your love.

  • What’s the Difference Between Men’s White Gold Rings and Platinum Rings?

    A common confusion is knowing the exact differences between white gold rings and platinum rings. Our white gold wedding bands are typically made from silver, nickel and palladium. Whereas, platinum wedding bands normally contain around 95 percent of platinum. When comparing the rings side by side, platinum rings tend to have a grayer tint to them.

  • What Does a White Gold Wedding Band Mean?

    The symbolism behind wedding rings can be a crucial part in deciding which ring to ultimately buy. White gold wedding bands stand for friendship, and are perfect for representing the union of people who base their love in this area.