Sapphire Fashion Jewelry

  • Why Is Sapphire Fashion Jewelry So Special?

    Sapphire jewelry has a unique, vibrant coloring that is unmatched by other gemstones. Sapphires are also very desirable precious gemstones due to their durability and resistance to scratching. Shane Co.’s sapphire gemstones are handpicked by Tom Shane and recut by an expert craftsman. All of Shane Co.’s sapphire and diamond jewelry is created by a world-class design team to bring you the most modern and sophisticated styles.

  • Do Sapphire Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets Make Good Gifts?

    Sapphire fashion jewelry, no matter the type, makes a great gift. Sapphire earrings are a popular choice for loved ones, especially sapphire stud earrings, which can be worn every day with any outfit. Sapphire bracelets are a great gift if your loved one likes stacking their jewelry or wearing statement pieces. Sapphire necklaces and pendants are often thought of as extra meaningful and can pair beautifully with almost any date night attire. Fine sapphire rings can be a perfect gift for celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or another special occasion. If you are looking for an exceptional gift for that special person, you can’t go wrong with sapphire and diamond jewelry.

  • What Sapphire Jewelry Colors Are Available?

    Shane Co. offers 16 different shades of fine sapphire fashion jewelry, so no matter what your or your loved one’s favorite color is, there will be a beautiful piece for you. Traditional blue sapphire jewelry is the most popular color for its classic, deep hue and great ability to transition from day to night. Pink sapphire jewelry is also a popular choice as it complements many fashion outfits and accessories. Shane Co. also sells a multitude of other blue shades along with yellow, white, green, orange, lavender, cognac, and black sapphire gemstones. In addition to the colored stones available, Shane Co. also offers settings in different colors and metals such as white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. No matter which color combination you choose, you are sure to love your new sapphire fashion jewelry.